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Dealer Found offers a customized Local SEO solution for automotive websites. We develop strategies that work - and have the case studies to prove it.

Custom Automotive SEO Solution

Dealer Found offers a customized SEO solution for dealerships. Perhaps your current SEO provider is not delivering the keyword rankings and all-important organic SEO traffic you expect. We do not believe in the efficiency of a one-size-fits-all SEO package that most automotive SEO providers offer. We instead work with you closely to supercharge your website traffic and sales. We are transparent and completely results driven. We are a highly ethical company and our agreements contain a non-compete clause for your DMA. We only use white-hat SEO techniques and abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We don’t hire mere “experts”; we hire knowledgeable gurus with over ten years of SEO experience. We are Dealer Found.

We develop a Local SEO strategy to help you rank organically on Google and in the Local 3-Pack, for first page domination.

Our proprietary backlink CRM system can easily reach out to authority automotive websites to build backlinks for you.

We write content for the reader - not the search engines. This leads to an overall better experience for your users.

Automotive SEO is Our Only Focus

We Are Not Just Experts - We Are Gurus

At Dealer Found, SEO is an all-services-included process. With over 170 ranking factor correlations, we have developed a streamlined process that includes all of the important components that help you rank well. While others offer different "services" that fail to work together, every SEO strategy that we develop for your dealership will be all-inclusive and comprehensive.

Transparency and Trust

Professional SEO services

We believe that transparency is the key to building your trust. Therefore, we created an SEO dashboard where you can see your statistics and reports in real-time. View your keyword rankings, website analytics, call tracking analytics, newly added backlinks and more.

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Automotive SEO Service Details

Local SEO

Local SEO

Dealerships thrive on search traffic from local customers. Performing search engine optimization that gets your dealership ranking high for searches specific to your regional area is a core part of our service. When we develop an SEO strategy for your dealership, it’s all-encompassing and customized to your dealership’s precise needs. We will analyze your current position and quickly build you a complete local SEO strategy which includes a blog development strategy, content marketing strategy and backlink strategy. These plans work together to quickly improve your local search engine rankings. We can go over the details of this strategy in our monthly SEO strategy consultations with you. Even better – you can log in to our unique real-time SEO dashboard at any time to monitor your SEO campaign.

We can scan your entire website and optimize it for speed and performance. Large images can be compressed, META information can be adjusted, and high quality relevant content can be added in key positions. Should you have used poor SEO services in the past we can fix any negative, damaging changes they may have made. Unlike many other similar services, we always follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

There have been many changes in how Google displays local business listings in the past two years. In 2014, the Pigeon algorithm made it harder for dealerships on the outskirts of a city to appear in local results. In 2015, the number of local businesses displayed for local results was reduced from seven to three. We have the requisite skills to get your website dominating the new landscape of local and natural results, making for complete first place results domination.

Blog Development

Blog Development

With our extensive ongoing research, Dealer Found has the right solutions to adding a productive blog to your dealership site. By hosting your blog on a subdomain, it will mirror your domain name for a seamless customer experience. Dealer Found will propel your blog to greater speeds and increased responsiveness. According to Google Insights, every blog created by Dealer Found ranks in the 98th page speed percentile. No other company creates a fully customized, faster dealership blog than us.

Every design and branding detail of your original site will be duplicated so that the user feels as though he or she is still browsing the original site. No blogs are launched until all of your demands have been met.

At Dealer Found, our goal is to develop websites that provide an enhanced experience across all media platforms. An important aspect of our services is to bring comparable experiences when viewing websites on mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet. With a stark increase in website browsing via mobile devices, the importance of a responsive experience is high. The importance of user-friendly mobile websites was furthered when Google brought about the “Mobilegeddon,” - a search engine update that flagged websites that were not mobile friendly. Nowadays, if your dealership website is not mobile capable you are dead in the water. Dealer Found can quickly get your site up to code.

Content Development

Content Development

By developing unique, high quality content, our mission is to capture your readers’ attention and keep them on your site for longer. Our content is exclusive to you and tailored to your dealership’s audience. Where other SEO services use auto-generated content or offer the same content to multiple sites, we write content exclusively for you that grabs the attention of your readers and keeps them coming back for more.

“Spinning” content, like many dealership SEO services do, goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Using the same article or spinning the same article across several different websites is fruitless and even harmful to your company’s reputation and search engine result positions. What you need is genuine content written by experts that shows the customer that your dealership is a knowledgeable authority in its field.

Content Development Strategies

We like to include industry news with up to date topics that entertain and inform the audience, increasing the likelihood that the content is shared via social media. Breaking news stories that trend on social media platforms always increase traffic. We have custom software that keeps track of the latest news in the automotive world, so we’re always one of the first to break a story - on your site.

Detailed information on existing and upcoming vehicle models generates interest in the vehicle and keeps the customer on your site and away from competing dealerships.

We believe that long-form content produces better results, more backlinks and higher search rankings than short descriptions or fluff pieces. To this end, we typically write detailed articles that quickly establish your dealership as the No. 1 expert in your area.

Backlink Development

Backlink Development

We know you need a large number of links to your website (backlinks) in order to get a high ranking on Google. Moreover, these need to be not just any backlinks, but high quality, relevant websites that link directly to your dealership site. This is validated by research, and therefore we have constructed an intricate backend strategy that allows automotive-related sites to connect via referral links to our client’s websites.

Your competitors are not likely to link to your website, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. One of our approaches is to connect with writers who focus on the auto industry. Be they bloggers or freelancers for established venues in the industry, they are in our purview.

Say we’re trying to establish backlinks to an exciting new article we’ve written for your dealership website. By leveraging Google’s keyword tool, we are able to find other highly ranked sites that can offer the backlinks we are after. We reach out to them, and get those coveted links to the article. We then, in turn, look at the backlinks of those backlinked pages, and get them to link to the article too. The net result is we quickly have dozens of high quality backlinks that are linking to your article.

We'll type your exact target keywords into Google and research the backlinks of every site on the first page. We will also find all the backlinks that are directed to those backlinks, and so on. Before you know it, you have dozens of quality backlinks directed at your article.

Is backlinking everything? No, of course not. According to Google, they use over 170 different criteria in their ranking algorithm. This is why we don’t perform partial SEO services. Nevertheless, the number and quality of backlinks is one of the most important criteria to which they pay attention.

In conclusion, this simple yet effective backlink approach creates a powerful network of backlinks to your site, exponentially improving your website ranking.

SEO Strategy Consultation

SEO Strategy Consultation

Every month we report to you in a SEO reporting call where we discuss what was completed in the past month and the plan for the next month. Should you have an in-house creative team, we will update them on the SEO practices they need to follow. We can work closely with your development team to ensure everyone is on the same page, working together to get you more foot traffic through your dealership’s doors.

One of the most important things to Dealer Found is your trust in us. We want you to be able to recognize the positive affects we are having on your website and your bottom line. We understand that you may have used SEO services in the past that may have left you wondering what they were doing and what affect it was having on your website and sales. We’re different. We are always transparent about the steps we are taking and the results we are seeing. We offer full disclosure of every adjustment we make to get you better rankings. You can feel confident about the changes we’re making and the positive direction your website is now taking.

Real-Time SEO Dashboard

Real-Time SEO Dashboard

How does real-time SEO analytics sound? The big statistics like rankings, website analytics, call tracking, backlinks and others can all be tracked with our advanced live tracking dashboard. By tracking these statistics, we can make adjustments and improve on areas that are lacking. This allows us to better service our customers, and at the same time allows you to see the changes we’re making and the results we’ve provided.

Data mining can get messy; with so many potential metrics to track, one can become bogged down on unimportant details. Instead, the charts that we produce are clean, legible and easy to understand. With such concentrated data at your fingertips, we can make decisions quickly without you having to consult an additional team for data interpretation.

By tracking how often your page is searched, we can make necessary adjustments and rethink current strategies to generate more traffic. Rankings can be tracked at local DMA and national levels too. This tracking is performed with the utmost accuracy, as rankings are refreshed throughout the day to allow for real-time strategy development. Ultimately, less time and money will be spent on strategies that don’t work and more spent on those that do.

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