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Dealer Found’s one mission is to use our vast industry expertise to increase the quality and quantity of foot traffic in dealerships, by measurably improving the dealership’s online presence.

About Dealer Found

There’s no doubt that your website must now be a central part of your marketing efforts, and Dealer Found works efficiently to increase the number of people who see your website and who keep on returning to it. We are able to do this by performing search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and through content creation.
In short, we make your website shine, and we perform steps on and off your site that will lead to a fast improvement in your search engine rankings. This helps ensure that all of your target customers see your website before your competitors’ sites.

Our Process

Michael Ellsworth, a dealership SEO industry guru with over fifteen years of experience, created Dealer Found after becoming unsatisfied with the one-size-fits-all dealership SEO packages on offer today. Experts know these packages are ineffective to the point of being useless, especially when they are performed piece-meal as a “partial service” or performed by multiple dealerships in the same DMA, negating their effectiveness. Instead, Dealer Found offers an all-compassing customized solution.

We also believe that the purchase of an automobile is a multi-step process that has shifted focus in the information age. Almost all automobile purchases are now first researched online. As much as possible, we like to offer a “transact online” experience, where your customers can learn about your vehicles in the comfort of their own homes, becoming invested in the purchase before finally getting in touch for the sale.

To this end, we deliver only the best up to date content on the brands and models you sell, increasing customer trust in your dealership. Your dealership website will become a leader in the industry, a trusted source, which helps in increasing website traffic and building an ongoing customer relationship.

Measurable Results

We have the tools to make marketing online a goldmine for you, not just in sales conversions, but also in modern tracking and monitoring of your results. No other marketing channel allows you to see in real time and in such exquisite detail which of your marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. You can track customers and build up a wealth of details on who they are and what they want. During our monthly meetings with you, we discuss these results and how to capitalize on them. We can optimize the use of the marketing budget, as we can target focused groups of key consumer groups to not waste a single penny.

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The shift to internet sales has left some dealerships reeling as they see their profits eroded by competitors who are better using the internet marketing channel. Other dealerships are seeing their profits soar as they embrace the new paradigm. Dealerships simply must innovate to survive, with a more interactive online experience for customers who can so easily click away to another dealership if they are unhappy with the experience. Dealer Found is the only company that helps you attract this new breed of customer and helps you see these leads turn into sales.

With our ongoing optimization, exemplary on-site content and measurable results, your website will quickly become a lean, mean, selling machine, without compromising the integrity of your carefully cultivated brand. Get in touch today for more information.

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