Automotive Backlink Strategy

Backlink Strategy

There is little chance that your website will rank well without backlinks. We have developed a proprietary CRM platform that allows us to systematically create backlinks.

Moz, the industry leader for SEO news and case studies, says there is slim chance that any web page will rank well in Google without quality websites linking to it. Dealer Found has also found this to be true. Therefore, we have developed a complete CRM platform for reaching out to automotive industry sites to request referral links to our clients’ websites.

Our Process is Scalable

Let's face it; no other dealership is likely to link to your dealership website. So how are we able to generate quality backlinks to your website and content pages? We reach out to automotive industry writers and bloggers directly. For example, if we're trying to get backlinks to your new 2016 Toyota Tundra article, we'll type your exact target keywords into Google and research the backlinks of every site on the first page. We will also find all the backlinks that are directed to those backlinks, and so on. This list adds up quickly, as the return of our systematic approach is about 10%. This means that, on average, for every ten requests that we send we acquire one new backlink. Before you know it, you have dozens of quality backlinks directed at your article.

Our Backlinking Process

Research Top Ranking Web Pages

We use Google search to come up with high-ranking web pages and articles that are related to our target page.

Find All Backlinks of Those Pages

Our team will then use our expertise and resources to find all the pages that link to those high-ranking set of pages.

Reach Out to Prospects

Once we have a list of at least 100 websites that we want backlinks from, we reach out to the individuals who actually wrote the article. We are able to use their name, email and social media profiles for a more personalized approach.

Follow Up

Some of the people we reach out to respond right away. Some reply in a few days, and some not at all. We wait no more than a week to follow up with the people who have not responded to our first request.

How Many Backlinks are Required to Rank on the First Page?

This is a popular question. In general, you need more backlinks than your competitor. To be more exact, you will need more than the next web page above you in the search engine rankings. There are over 170 ranking factors in Google's algorithm. Some factors, like backlinks, are weighted more heavily. We developed our process because Google also takes the quality of every backlink into account. Google favors the relevancy and authority of the page that is linking to your site. To sum it up, not only does our backlink strategy create relevant and authoritative backlinks, but we're also able to generate a lot of them - just the way Google likes it.

Now that you understand backlinks, we encourage you to ask your current SEO provider how many quality backlinks they have created.

No other dealer-specific SEO company has the means or manpower to compete with our proprietary backlink CRM system. We don't plan on them catching up any time soon.

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