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Our responsive blog sites load extremely fast on all devices and integrate perfectly into your current dealership website design.

We have researched the top dealership website providers, and some of them already offer a blogging platform. However, we have found that their platforms load slowly on all devices, are difficult to use and do not rank well on search engines. Dealer Found offers a solution to fix all this.

Your Blog will Match Your Current Dealership Design

Dealership Blog Development

We will host your blog on a subdomain. This means that the blog site will be similar to - it will still be part of your domain name. We do this because we can make your blog highly responsive and lightning fast. We don't want the reader to think that they have arrived on some other website, so we mimic your exact website design and put it in a blog format. All elements on the blog site will be hosted on our servers to ensure that we offer the best user experience possible. We understand that dealers have strict branding standards and we will follow these standards precisely. The blog won't be launched until you're satisfied. Feel free to reach out to us for our client examples.

Our Blogs Are Built in a Responsive Environment

Responsive design is a concept aimed at developing websites to provide the best viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices like mobile, tablet and desktop. Our team consists of the best programmers who develop blogs for all types and brands of mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Considering that there are now more searches performed on mobile than desktop, it is very important that your blog is completely responsive, designed well and loads swiftly.

To top that, last year Google introduced a new ranking algorithm known as Mobilegeddon, specifically targeting websites that are not mobile friendly. This boosted mobile-friendly websites in search engine rankings and penalized others.

Responsive Blog Development

We Create the Fastest Loading Blogs on the Internet

Fast Blog Page Speed

Google makes its money by offering great user experience. For example, let's say you perform a Google search, click on one of the dealerships and the page loads extremely slowly. This is a bad user experience and Google will reduce your ranking. Google sees page speed as a heavy ranking signal, and we take this signal seriously. All of the blogs that we develop rank in the 98th+ page speed percentile.

We dare you to perform a page speed test on your dealership website. Not good, is it? This is because the programming is not up to Google's standards and your website is hosted on an overloaded server. For this reason, we custom develop your blog site and host it on our own super-fast servers.


Google Page Speed Test


Mobile & Tablet Responsive


Matches Current Web Design


Easy to Use Platform

A blog is the best way to reach in-market shoppers at all levels of the sales funnel. A well-designed, fast loading and responsive blog will increase organic site traffic tremendously.

Matching Design

We guarantee that the blog will match your current design. The user won't even realize they are on a subdomain of your website.

Responsive Design

We guarantee that your responsive blog will load perfectly on all devices and device brands including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Fast Design

We guarantee that your blog website will load extremely quickly on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

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