Automotive SEO Strategy Consultation

SEO Strategy Consultation

During our monthly SEO reporting call with you, we provide a detailed SEO strategy. We will consult with your creative team on the SEO practices they need to follow.

If you have used any other SEO provider in the past, you may have been wondering what their approach was for the given month - or if any work was being completed at all. With Dealer Found, you will never have to wonder what we're up to. During our monthly consulting phone calls we will blueprint a plan of action. Each month will go over the reporting and focus on how to better our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Do you have an in-house creative team that designs and builds pages on your website? Fantastic! However, chances are that they are not following the best SEO practices before a web page goes live on your website. That's where Dealer Found comes in.

We work directly with your creative and web team and guide them on the latest SEO practices. We will go over appropriate graphic sizes, META features, proper link structure and more. We still want to have a hand on each page before it goes live, but educating your team greatly speeds up the process.

Automotive SEO Consultation for Dealers

SEO Consultation for Dealers

Dealer Found's SEO consulting services give your website a strong competitive advantage in search results, thanks to our experience and long history of getting sites ranked. We look at your page development strategy and create a customized process that will help your web team structure SEO-friendly web pages. We all have the same goal: results. We’ll work with you to create a common sense strategy.

If you have a development team that already has a solid grasp of SEO basics but you need an expert consultant to confirm your approach and reassure you as you implement changes - we can certainly help.

Search engine optimization often requires a number of changes to your existing web page. If it is important to you to know exactly what adjustments we are making and on how many web pages, then this is important to us too. We are also happy to share everything we do to get you great rankings. We'll even share the secret sauce.

The truth is, many SEO professionals know exactly what they need to do to get your website ranked better but don't have the capacity to perform every task, instead caring more about their bottom line. A Partial-SEO-Strategy approach is no strategy at all. At Dealer Found we’re different, and we have absolutely no qualms explaining our entire process to all of your team members.

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